The Project


The Corona Youth Music Project (or Núcleo Corona) is the first

“El Sistema” inspired program in Queens, New York. 

It serves this diverse community and its neighboring areas.  

The project includes an after-school programs and intensive seminars and camps.  This “núcleo” will support at least one children’s symphony orchestra and one choir, along with instrumental and musicianship training.

It serves the neighborhood by providing a safe, fun place for children to develop discipline, persistence, and self-esteem through music, and become productive valued members of society.

Core Values

Strive.  Pursuing artistic excellence as a habitual practice is a goal on itself.  This immense challenge inspires the young to always strive for the best. Through this process, they can imagine paths for success and happiness that affect personal and professional growth.

Community.  Building a strong community takes positive leadership.  Learning music in an ensemble promotes teamwork,  peer encouragement and mentoring. In keeping strong ties with the community and its organizations, the CYMP aspires to develop valuable leaders for Corona and beyond. 

Joy.  Music making must express a child's genuine happiness and health. As the most important assets in the Corona community, children carry the same joy to their families and community.  Joyful and energetic performance is a result of learning in a fun, safe and loving environment, where children are encouraged to grow to their full potential.

Access.  Extended time-in-program music education in an ensemble must be accessible to all children and youth, no matter their nationality, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, social or economic status.  Access to complementing experiences and training are essential to the mission of the Corona Youth Music Program.



The CYMP strives to promote social inclusion in New York City by empowering youth and children in Corona, Queens to excel through their participation in musical ensembles.


PreOrchestra Programs

IM International


P.S. 19Q/C.A.S.A.

Corona Children’s Choir

Corona Children’s Orchestra

Corona Youth Orchestra